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Each kahu is made to order.

The current turnaround timeframes

From the time of placing an orderis approximately 3 - 5weeks.

If you have an urgent order - Please call +6421361173 to avoid any further delays!

Kuia & Korowai
Online Store

Kuia & Korowai
Collection Of Readymade Designs 

What Is The Definition of "Kuia & Korowai's Readymade Designs"...

They are designs which have already been designed and created by Kuia & Korowai.

You only have too choose the length & size you desire!

If you require a readymade design created too a different length?

Or maybe you'd like too swap the colour's out for a different combination?? 

E pai ana!

That's no worries!

Give me a call or an email, to let me know your choices and, in which size and length you require it to be made.

Then I can then prepare a personalized quote for you.

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