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Garment Bags (Recommended).

Top quality waterproof, dust proof, with clear double PE windows, full zipper front and sporting the Kuia & Korowai logo on the back.

They are available in three convenient sizes to fit...

1/3 Length / Small Size:

• (L)70cm X (W)50cm.

Half Length/ Medium Size:

• (L)100cm X (W)60cm.


Full Length/ Large Size:

• (L)120cm X (W)60cm.


There are a few helpful tips about the handling, care and storage you need too know:


1) Keep dry and store away from direct sunlight, moisture, or heat.


2) When Handling: Treat delicately. Take extra care when sitting whilst adorning your cloak. Do not bend fold or scrunch your cloak against the grain of the delicate natural feather fibres. They will break, it will cause a degree of degeneration over time, that’s if they are not treated with care and respect when handling, wearing, showcasing, or transporting.


3) Avoid rain (the lightest rain will cause water damage). Hang to dry out then dry wipe the feathers off with a soft dry cloth if any attention is needed – DO NOT WET your cloak.


4) If hanging on wall: (Framed or unframed) Hang away from direct sunlight. Avoid any areas of moisture or grease build up.


5) Keep away from direct heat and sunlight.


6) Keep in a cool dry and aerated area.


7) Natural feather colour does not fade. But the steam-dyed-coloured feathers will.



When not in use and hanging in cupboard:


Hang your cloak on a clip/grip hanger and store it inside a moisture-proof, dust-proof and lightproof garment bag.


Always keep your cloak stored away from direct sunlight.


It is recommended to store your cloak inside a garment bag too avoid any unneccesary damage too your feathers.


Feathers will sweat if given the right conditions, so avoid leaving garment bag for prolonged periods in hot areas, where it’s likely to create a degree of condensation if stored inside a plastic drycleaning bag, it can have an affect on the feather fibres. To solve this phenomenon - Open the zipper 15-25cm on the bag, to let it breathe, whilst travelling.



Further Assistance:

If you require any alterations or re-sizing of your cloak, please don’t hesitate to contact Jinny directly for immediate assistance.




PH: +64 21 361 173

Kuia & Korowai Storage Bag with Clip Hanger

PriceFrom $35.00
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