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1). Choose your Sizing Requirements
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2). Choices of Feather Colours
(Click here to view the feather choices available)
You may choose up to three choices of feathers.
3). Choices of Taniko Band 
(Click here to view the taniko band choices available)
4). Choices of Rope Ties?
(You may choose between a Black, Combination or Solid Colour). 
Regarding the Rope Ties...
  • a) Rope Tie Ends with feature feathered ends?
  • b) Or finished in a Linen Detail?
I would thoughtfully interject here and recommend a linen end if you are looking for a masculine cloak, as the feathered off ends tend too sit low and it does drag ones focus to the nether regions on a male. So do keep that in mind when choosing.
5). Choice of Lining.
(Heavy duty poplin is used in the lining application of all cloaks unless otherwise pre-arranged).
The choices of lining options are endless!
As a designer I have a passion for creating one off designs, by applying feather taonga onto all kinds of fabric backing, it can really take the personalisation of your taonga too another level. Resulting in an heirloom worthy of being passed down for generations too come.  
  • Share the korero to accompany your cloak 
(so that its birth begins with its intended journey in mind). 
  • You may provide a draft sketch
(if you feel necessary).
Taniko Choices for Custom Designs
Feathers For Custom Design
Feathers for Custom Design
Feathers For Custom Design
Striped Chinchilla - Rooster
Striped Chinchilla - Hen
Spotted Guinea Fowl
Heavy Duty Poplin Lining
*Pricing range is dependant
on sizing and variable
by your design choices
GST is also added on checkout
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When you have settled on your chosen design and would like to move forward to prioritise your taonga in the queue, payment will be required at this stage.
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Supporting Local Business

From time to time we receive requests for taonga with engraving to celebrate all kinds of milestones and special occasions. Such as carved 21st keys, patu, mere, and tiaha in pounamu / bone/ paua/ and wood products for sale.
Milestones is a lovely local small business (located in Avondale, Auckland)
and a kind supporter of Kuia & Korowai - Contemporary Maori Designs.
Call Julie at Milestones
Trophies & Engraving
who can look after your needs.
All under the one roof!

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PH: (09) 550-0230