Kuia & Korowai Contemporary Maori Designs

Each cloak is lovingly designed

By the hands of a Ngapuhi

Artist and Designer

 Kuia Jinny Thomas


A proud descendant of distinguished

Ngati Hao & Ngati Hine lineage. Her tupuna wearing the finest traditional hand woven harekeke korowai, intricately woven by the finest kahu weavers.

Kuia Jinny has revelled in learning both crafts of traditional korowai making (for personal whanau projects) and, more recently, by providing a wide selection of the more affordable and readily available option of timeless feather cloaks in modern day contemporary designs.

Of late,

After experiencing an ever increasing demand for the supply of more affordable contemporary cloaks,

Coupled with the burning desire too reach out to help grieving families in their time of need,

A blessed journey had unfolded before her.



"Kia Ora Tatou

I am a grandmother, an artist and designer of the finest top quality contemporary NZ made feather ‘korowai inspired’ cloaks. My mahi is blessed in so many ways.

I work alone (under the watchful guidance of my Angelic co-workers) from my small Boutique home-based business.

My aim is too look after our people!

By providing affordable taonga too all. In readymade & custom made designs 

Whatever the occasion...
No body is too big or too small!

 My goal is to reach out to the 1/3 percentage (at the lower end of the market)

By meeting the needs of those struggling to afford such a prestigious taonga.

This brings so many rewards, on so many levels.

How did Kuia & Korowai come about??

'Kuia" when translated means Grandmother

& "Korowai" is a representation of my Two Heavenly Grandbabies.

My story is one of great sorrow and hardship.
In 2011 & 2018, as a whanau we had experienced thee most overwhelming and emotional devastation.

With 7yrs years between the sudden losses of two much loved and very precious Mokopuna. 

Both of my beautiful granddaughters were born silent and still,

Into the waiting arms of angels.

Their tiny little bodies so limp and lifeless

Their tiny veins un-embalm-able. 

We mourned unconsolably as they laid in state, upon ice over three short days.

Time stood still as we suffered through our grief.

It was an incredibly surreal time for us all as a whanau.

Indebted to tangihana procedures, emotionally and financially strapped, leaving us unable to honour either one of our beloved mokopuna with a feather taonga while they were laying in state had a profound affect on me. I felt deflated that we could not afford such a prestigious taonga to honour either of our Angels.

It had weighed on me personally, breaking my already broken heart 

Twice over.


I made it my mission to change that!

The mission of Kuia & Korowai is to provide whanau

With an affordable Angel Baby Cloak

Taonga to honour the Angel Babies 

Made affordable at a time when one may feel as though they have lost everything.

At cost only...

With no profit taken from the sale! 

This is where the wings of my journey unfolded and the birth of

"Kuia & Korowai" began''.​

Nga Mihi Nui


Kuias greatest desire is too provide a fitting taonga to

Honour the beautiful precious stillborn bubbies

"With no profit taken from the sales or GST charged". 

Kuia & Korowai Designs start from

"$69.00 for Stillborn Angel Baby Cloaks 

"These taonga take first priority in the queue and can be ushered through to completion within 24hrs of notice".

The bearer will be in receipt of a true taonga 

Blessed with a karakia by Kuia

"Each piece is carefully packaged with its blessing and shipped with the utmost care too its destination".

Being a part of ones journey as they celebrate

"To honour and bestow such a prestigous taonga upon the intended recipient is truly a humbling and inspiring experience".


 Registering as a NZ business company and growing the brand

"Was when a truly beautiful love story began as 

Kuia & Korowai - Contemporary Māori Designs

Has naturally evolved"