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‘Kōtuku’ Child Size Cloak.

‘Kōtuku’ is a representation of New Zealand’s majestic White Heron. The soft white feathers symbolic of ones purity, angelic innocence, goodness and perfection.

Kōtuku had mythical status for Māori because of their rarity and beauty. The epithet ‘te kōtuku rerenga tahi’ (the white heron of a single flight) was given to distinguished guests who seldom visited.

(For reference purposes: the photos depict a Newborn baby size cloak).

Just like all of the designs you find advertised here, any cloak can be customised to any size.

To fit any body shape!

If you would like too order this design is in a different size, please contact me directly 021361173 and place your order.

All tāonga are made too order, fully lined and finished with poplin detail.

The feathers used are locally sourced from a reputable supplier, and of a high grade quality.

The taniko pattern applied is the ‘Patiki’ it represents the ‘Flounder’. It’s form is symbolic of abundance and blessings by bestowing good luck and prosperity. The band is woven from top quality NZ wool and also locally sourced.

Come up with your own design in a different coloured taniko band, or change up the feather colours too suit your preference.

Kuia & Korowai have got you covered!

No body is too big or too small!

TO PLACE A CUSTOM ORDER OR MAKE AN ENQUIRY: Avoid any delays when ordering please make contact directly by way of the following:

Phone: +6421361173


‘Kotuku’ Child Size Cloak

PriceFrom $139.00
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