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‘Wai Pounamu’

Translated means ‘Water(s) of Greenstone’.

It has a mystical energy and long been believed to be a magical stone that will help you to live a long life.

As legends tells it, by the people of Ngāi Tahu (South Island Māori tribe), Poutini was a Taniwha (a powerful mythological water spirit) who swam up and down the shorelines of Aotearoa, along the South Islands West Coast and protecting both the people and the mauri (life force) of Te Waipounamu (The South Island)

One day while he was resting in the warm waters off Tuhua (Mayor Island), he laid his eyes upon a beautiful wahine (woman) bathing in the sea. Her name was Waitaki. His heart full of admiration, Poutini had snatched her and fled south towards his mainland.

Waitaiki's husband, Tamaahua, was a very powerful chief. When he realised his wife had been taken, he threw a magical dart in the air. The dart pointed in his wife's direction, and he paddled after them in an unrelenting pursuit.

Realising that Tamaahua would not rest until he reclaimed Waitaiki, Poutini decided the only way to keep her forever was to turn the woman into his essence. The taniwha transformed Waitaiki into Pounamu and laid her down within the riverbeds of the Arahura River.

When the chief discovered his wife turned to stone in the riverbed, he let out a tangi (a wailing cry) in a tremendous song of grief.

If you listen closely in New Zealand's deep south, you may still hear his tangi, echoing through the mountains.

The feathers used in this design are a combination of green and black steam dyed rooster feathers.

The taniko band pattern applied is of the ‘Patiki’.

It represents the ‘Flounder’. It’s form is symbolic of abundance and blessings by bestowing hospitable good luck and prosperity.

The band is woven from top quality NZ wool and is locally sourced.

All of the designs you see advertised on my website can be made in any length and too any width.

Please call me directly 021361173 if you should require any personal assistance.

‘Wai Pounamu’ Adults Sizes

PriceFrom $199.00
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