‘Ngatira’Adults XL
Half Length Cloak
Dimensions: 110CM X 50CM

‘Ngatira’ is a great taonga full of mana, a true representation of Māoridom. The striking colours compliment each other well and are symbolic of cultural strength, occupation, and resilience.
BLACK represents Te Korekore (the realm of potential being). It thus symbolises the long darkness from which the earth emerged, as well as signifying Rangi - the heavens, a male, formless, floating, passive force.
RED represents Te Whei Ao (coming into being). It symbolises Papatuanuku, the earth-mother, the sustainer of all living things, and thus both the land and active forces.
WHITE represents Te Ao Marama (the realm of being and light). It symbolises the physical world, purity, harmony, enlightenment and balance.
As a whole, the design represents the balance of the forces of nature, masculine and feminine, active and passive, potential and physical, air and earth.

This cloak was made to fit an XLarge Adult - but like all of the Taonga you find advertised here - All cloaks can be made to fit any size, in any body shape. All Taonga are fully lined and finished with poplin detail.The feathers used are locally sourced from a reputable supplier, and of a high grade quality. The taniko pattern is patiki, which means good luck and prosperity. The taniko band is made & woven from red white &black dyed NZ wool. 

Come up with your own design in a different coloured taniko band, or you might want to change up the feather colours too suit your preference. Kuia & Korowai have got you covered!

No body is too big or too small!

TO PLACE A CUSTOM ORDER OR MAKE AN ENQUIRY: Avoid any delays when ordering please make contact directly by way of the following:
Phone: +6421361173
Email: sales@kuiakorowai.com

“Ngatira” Adults XL Half Length Feather Cloak

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