‘Ngare’ Adults Medium Size 1/2 Length Feather Cloak
Dimensions: 100CM x 45CM
‘Ngare’ is a beautiful combination of top quality warm rich maroon, brown and black steam dyed rooster feathers. The colour placement are symbolic of ones connection too their roots. Translated means family, kin, kinsfolk, blood relatives, kith and kin, close relations or deep connection to another. 

This cloak was made to fit a Medium sized Adult - but like all of the Taonga you find advertised here any cloak can be customised to any size, to fit any body shape, each fully lined and finished with linen detail. The feathers used are locally sourced from a reputable supplier, and of a high grade quality. The taniko pattern ‘Patiki’ means good luck and prosperity. The taniko band is made & woven from maroon, white & black dyed wool and is also locally sourced.

“Ngare” Med Adults Half Length Feather Cloak

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