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Ngāti Hine is an iwi with a rohe in Northland, New Zealand. It is part of the wider Ngāpuhi iwi.

Ngāti Hine is descended from a female ancestor, Hineāmaru.

She proved too be great a Ngāti Hine Rangatira (leader) who held immense mana (power, status and reputation). Famed for her fearless leadership of her tribe, for her agricultural skills, her sharp intellect, and held a strong opposition to the sovereignty of Ngāti Hine.

Hineāmaru’s mother was Hauhaua, who was the daughter of Uenuku and the granddaughter of the famous Ngāpuhi ancestor, Rāhiri. Her father was Torongare, of Ngāti Kahu.

Some sources report that when her mother Hauhaua died, after a long journey from Waimamaku to Waiōmio, and her father Torongare became old and no longer possessed the strength to lead the hapū, Hineāmaru (being the eldest child) had immediately became the rangatira. Without delay, she had led expeditions into the Waiōmio Valley, to the abundant fishing grounds and thriving pipi gathering areas. She had the dead rātā trees burned and the land was then cleared for the planting of their crops.

Kūmara were planted in three ways - ‘rapiki’ (with the stem facing east), ‘retu’ (facing north), and ‘ratou’ (facing west) - and the resultant crops were so abundant that Ngāti Hine decided to settle in Waiōmio permanently.

This location, as well as much of the land surrounding it, is still Ngāti Hine land today.

Hineāmaru is still revered in contemporary Māori narratives as an ancestor who demonstrated great industry, fortitude, and proficiency.

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