'Amber Lights'
XL Adults 1/2 Cloak

Length: 55cm
Width: 110cm

'Amber Lights' is a stunning arrangement of shimmering black paua coloured feathers with an amber influence. The influence for this piece is all about giving back.
It always feels good when supporting to a great cause...
Inspired by the need to help disadvantaged Kids of NZ  Kuia proudly donates 100% of the profits taken from all  "Amber Lights' sales go entirely toward supporting a not for profit NZ Childrens Charitable Organisation.
So if you ever needed a really good reason to buy a really great gift ,
Youll be proud to know ...
You are a really great person,
supporting a really great cause!
Tena koe,
Thank you for browsing.
Kuia & Korowai Contemporary Maori Designs gratefully appreciate your valued support.
Nga mihi nui kia koe,
Kuia Jinny

Too avoid any delays when ordering please make contact  with Kuia directly.
When it comes too personalising your design, discussing options to create the perfect taonga for your important occassion ...
Kuia & Korowai have got you covered!
Contact Kuia Jinny by way of the following:

Phone: +6421361173

Email: sales@kuiakorowai.com

Pvt msg on FB: @kuiakorowai

'Amber Lights' XL Adults 1/2 Length Cloak

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  • Inspired by the need to help disadvantaged Kids of NZ we proudly donate 100% of the profits taken from all  "Amber Nights' sales entirely go toward supporting the set up process for a not for profit NZ Childrens Charitable Organisation.

  • All Korowai are crafted on-demand. Products are not stocked. Therefore returns or refunds cannot be accepted for change of mind, change of colour, change of size, change or style or any other reason not relating to the quality of the product or print.

    To the bearer... it is advised that "Less is More"

    Each handmade taonga is truly an art piece.

    Kuia creates delicate works of art and it is advisable that one should not bend, fold, scrunch, rest or sit upon the feathers as this will cause unecessary damage to feathers. Respectfully due to the nature of the product, over time with wear and tear feathers will deterriorate, becoming brittle and causing breakage of the delicate fibres - especially with exessive use - this will exponentiate the process even quicker.

    My husband, Koro, would add here... 'just treat her delicately like you would a lady, caress her with gentleness and treat her with respect and she will last a lifetime!'


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    • Items with noticeable wear cannot be returned.
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